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Comprehensive Support from Sentencing to Release

We provide expert testimony, declarations, consulting services, and CLE training across the country.

Prisonology understands how to translate our experience and expertise into mitigation strategies for your case. We specialize in cases related to defendants’ mental health care, medical care, security classification, and programming. Through declarations, in-court testimony, and a mitigation strategy, we have answers for your cases.

What We Offer

Empathetic Federal Prison Consultant

Your Trusted Partner in Federal Prison Consulting and Advocacy

Consulting: Working with experienced individuals is essential when facing federal prison. Our consultants guide you through prison preparation, support while incarcerated and mitigation strategy for sentencing.
Expert Testimony: Having a trusted federal prison consultant is crucial to effectively prepare and advocate for your needs during this challenging time.
Training: Our team consists of retired BOP professionals who are ready to assist you during every phase of your incarceration. They provide vital information and respond to all your queries.

Navigate Federal Prison with Us


Tailored Solutions for Unique Situations

We understand the Bureau of Prisons Policies and can help interpret current policies to provide tailored assistance.
We create unique declarations that courts respect and get you to the next step.
Detailed and personalized mitigation analysis that enable you to effectively advocate and develop a strategy.

Our Commitment to Your Success

As Bureau of Prisons and US Probation Professionals, we have navigated this system for years and can help you do the same.
Our unparalleled network contacts allows us to bring critical insight to your case no matter how unique.
You can expect compassion and understanding from our team every step of the way.
Our Services

Comprehensive Support from Sentencing to Release

Using our automated technology, get critical reports information your client needs for sentencing at an affordable price.

Pre-Sentence Report (Mitigation Analysis)

Security Classification Score
Judicial Recommendations
Program Eligibility (First Step Act, RDAP, Second Chance Act)
48-hour turnaround
Create an account and upload PSR to receive Pre-Sentence Report.

Sentence Computation

Complex Sentence Computations (State, federal, jail credit, concurrency)
First Step Act
Second Chance Act
Create an account and upload PSR to receive Pre-Sentence Report.

U.S. Sentencing Commission Stats for Offenses

Create an account and upload PSR to receive Pre-Sentence Report.

First Step Act Analysis

Sentence Computation with Associated Reductions
Administrative Remedy to Correct Discrepancies
Residential Drug Abuse Program And The First Step Act
Citations of Laws and Policies on First Step Act
Create an account and upload PSR to receive Pre-Sentence Report.

Not sure where to start?

Explain your case to us and we can offer expert guidance on next steps based on your unique situation.

General Consulting

Meet with out staff for a general consulting call.
$500/1h session

Ready to Navigate Federal Criminal Matters?

We customize information that is actionable for every client with a focus on the quality of incarceration experience.

We work with attorneys, federal defenders and individual defendants who are looking for ways to use existing policies for the benefit of those heading to prison.

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